How does it work ?


This garlic juice is directly included in the juiceflow of the plant

Spider mites and other pests do not eat vegetablejuice when  there is garlic in it.


Why does this work better than poison spraying 


This garlic juice is added in the feeding water and is therefore in the same concentration recorded by all plants, even those far away in a corner.


Tastes or smells the end product to garlic?

Absolutely not...Rogis Garlic is taken up by the plant and enters the juiceflow.
According to the way of watering this disappears after a few days out the plant( normally after 4-6 days)

To be safe stop giving Rogis Garlic about 10 days before harvesting. This will make the finished product not taste/smell like garlic

Available in  0,5 liter; 1 liter and 5 liters.


Rogis Garlic is also useable as spray. 1 part Rogis /5 parts water.



Against red spider mite, trips and mildew


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Our products  will be distributed in Europe (except the Netherlands) by Green Industries.